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This fast (and fun) assessment has helped thousands of people around the world reclaim their health and their love of life. 
what's your True Nature?
  • ​ Are you suffering from chronic pain and facing HUGE medical bills?
  •   The search for holistic, non-invasive, affordable healthcare is over!
  • ​ Learn a proven way to alleviate pain and release dis-ease quickly and easily.
    For a limited time I'm offering my FREE personality assessment I use with clients suffering from physical and emotional pain. 

    Every day I say to clients: You do NOT need to live in chronic pain! Your body CAN heal naturally and you CAN overcome pain, stress and trauma.
    Maria Shriver
    Mom, Journalist, News Anchor
    "Chris has worked with me and my family for a number of years. Based on my positive experience with Chris as a healthcare professional and master healer, I invited Chris to introduce Qigong to the 2015 Special Olympics World Games. He hosted a series of onsite Qigong workshops focused on helping athletes and their families decrease stress while increasing focus and performance. Chris is also one of my "architects of change" and a master healer featured regularly on my website "

    In this FREE Personality Assessment, You'll Learn... 

    Your Element Type

    Learn about your specific Five Element so you understand your personality traits, lifestyle choices and potential for disease. Discover why you attract certain people into your life. Knowledge means power and a healthier, happier, longer, pain-free life.

    Calm Down, Cool Down

    Release difficult emotions and memories in a positive and private way. Avoid years of expensive, go-nowhere therapy. Start focusing and manifesting the good you want in your life. Alleviate your pain by dropping down into your body and getting out of your head.

    Qigong Practices

    Imagine gentle movements blended with meditation, breath work and visualization. You can sit, stand or lay down. Qigong is a proven healing practice that de-stresses, balances "chi" (energy) and accelerates physical and emotional healing.  

    Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

    Discover first-hand the impact of meditation on your body, the health of specific organs and the root cause of your dis-ease and aliments. Notice how one thought can increase or decrease pain. Feel joy knowing you are clearing old patterns and building vibrant health.
    ...Build the Healthy, Happy, Pain-Free Life You Deserve
    Don't Make Pain a Life Sentence

    For over 25 years clients have come to my healing practice for tools that heal their body, boost energy and access deep, long-lasting healing.

    Yes, I'm a medical Qigong master, traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and energetic healer. But I'm also just like you.

    (We're identical twins if you snort when you laugh and you're a little nutso about small dogs.)

    When I was a younger man, I was injured in a martial arts competition and told I would never walk again.

    Years of depression, addiction and pain followed.

    My pain, unhappiness and lack of life purpose pushed me to study Qigong despite the drama going on in my personal life. 

    I will never forget the day I hoisted my martial arts "Tiger Claw" trophy above my head and publicly thanked my Tai Chi mentor for guiding me to heal, be happy and to win again. (Yup, I cried like a baby.)

    What happened to me, I want for you. You do NOT have to live in pain every day for the rest of your life. 

    I was told dis-empowering and depressing things by doctors and other expensive "experts" too. They seemed hell-bent on keeping me in bed and down in the dumps (and on drugs).

    The tools you're picking up in this FREE personality profile are one of the first steps I share with clients. I've helped thousands of people from around the world reclaim their health and enjoy lives free from chronic pain. 

    My clients hire me, whether they're Special Olympic athletes, Hollywood celebrities or hard-core couch potatoes, to provide healing and healthy maintenance of their mind, body and spirit.

    People love working with with me and my team because we're goofy, believe you can feel better FAST and we don't push drugs, surgery or even a yoga mat.

    Oh yeah. And I love you without judgment but not in a weird way.

    (I'm a born-and-raised California sunshine boy so this is how I roll.)

    Believe me when I say: pain sucks AND pain can be healed and released.

    I wish you everything good in life. Especially good health, hope in the future (which is NOW) and may you return to feeling good every day for the rest of your wonderful life.

    Your pain, no matter what is it, CAN be healed.

    Now let's find out about your elemental nature so you can start feeling better right now, today. No drugs, doctors or dollars required!

    "Chi" you later and thanks for reading right to the end,

    Chris Shelton

    What Clients Say About Chris Shelton
    Eric the Trainer
    Hollywood Physique Expert and host of Celebrity Sweat

    “Chris’ genuine care for people   suffering from pain and discomfort makes a real difference. His unwavering conviction and ability to increase quality of life for so many puts Chris in a league of selfless individuals rarely spotted in normal life.”
    Kari Knapstad
    Licensed Acupuncturist and Master Healer

    "I’ve worked side-by-side with Chris for six years and have  watched him repeatedly "walk his talk." I've witnessed his passion for Qigong and the healing it can deliver to his clients.   Chris applies his teachings to his own life and his love of sharing this amazing tool with others is undeniable.”
    Ric Drasin
    Bodybuilder, Actor and Former Professional Wrestler

    "What I love about Mr Shelton's services is his dedication to tangible healing results. He is patient and goes into detail about symptoms and cures.  I had been to four doctors with zero success before working with Chris. Within 24 hours of working with him, I had big results: no pain!"
    Take the first step toward a healthy, happy life
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